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Policy Plan in 2015

Policy Plan in 2015
Risk-control, Liberalization, Integrity
1. Value
(1)     Focus on Risk Control & Integrity  
(2)     Continue Liberalization & Innovation 
2. Strategic objectives
(1)     Nurture Asian regional financial institutions
(2)     Establish financial product R&D capability
(3)     Assist the development of industries
(4)     Safeguard financial consumer interests
3. Strategic Plans
(1)     Improve stock market efficiency-“Arising Stock Plan”
(2)     Accelerate business presence in Asia- Development of road map
(3)     Overall review DBU, DSU and DIU
(4)     Encourage financial import substitution
(5)     Implement “Finance 3.0” plan
(6)     Launch Crowd Funding Site
(7)     Establish Asia-Pacific Asset Management Center
(8)     Strengthen fulfillment of CSR
(9)     Improve protection of financial consumers
(10)Support for innovative industries- “All-Star Plan”
(11)Promote the Go Incubation Board
(12)Assist e-commerce development
4. Strategic Goal
(1)     ROE 15& ROA 1 for banks
(2)     Overall financial industry 5-10 profit increase
5. Conclusion
Hope to create more value for the financial industry, investors and Taiwan’s society.
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