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FSC “1998 Financial Service Hotline” Begins Operating

The FSC’s 1998 Financial Service Hotline officially began operating at 8:30am this morning (August 28). The FSC says that it is in charge of development, supervision, management, and examination of the financial markets and financial services, and its work is closely connected to people’s lives; bank account opening, investment in securities and futures, insurance and wealth management all come within the scope of the FSC’s services. To effectively utilize resources and raise the level of government effectiveness, the FSC has integrated the existing telephone numbers of its subsidiary bodies, peripheral financial institutions and financial industry associations and replaced them with the simple and easy to remember number “1998” to allow people to quickly and effectively receive services from dedicated staff when they need advice related to financial purchases or business. Taking into account user habits, in the initial stage of implementation the original service lines will be retained and operated in tandem with the new 1998 hotline.
The 1998 Financial Service Hotline will be open for business from 8:30am to 5:30 pm on working days Monday to Friday; the scope of service includes banking, insurance, securities and futures and examination business enquiry and complaint, and financial dispute and financial association business enquiry.
The FSC says that the starting point of the 1998 Financial Service Hotline is ‘public convenience.” The aim is to free people from the inconvenience of having to remember the telephone numbers of different financial services units. By just picking up the phone and dialing 1998 directly, attentive service from FSC, peripheral financial institutions and financial industry association staff can be enjoyed. The hotline’s customer service personnel will, according to the nature of the call, transfer the call or dispatch the case, providing a complete enquiry and service mechanism and quickly solving problems faced by the public. Everyone is welcome to make good use of the “1998 Financial Service Hotline”.
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