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FSC launches special anti-fraud section on website to help raise alertness to scams

Financial scam incidents have been on the rise recently, with shady operators using a variety of ruses to swindle consumers if they briefly let down their guard. To promote anti-fraud outreach work, the FSC has marshaled the resources of its various bureaus and financial industry self-regulatory organizations, and borrowed upon important anti-fraud outreach materials that have already been developed by them to launch a special Chinese-language anti-fraud outreach section on the Web (URL: This website section presents information on cases of fraud to illustrate actual tricks employed by scammers, educate the public on how to guard against such scams, and inform people about what to do after discovering they've been scammed. This approach will help members of the public to spot financial scams and thus prevent such scams from succeeding.
Information on the anti-fraud section is accessed via four different tabs labeled "Financial fraud red flags," "Risk warnings," "Outreach videos & resources," and "What the FSC has done." This presentation enables visitors to find all the information they're looking in a single place, including the following:
1.Financial fraud red flags: This tab provides information on financial scams that have occurred a lot recently, how to avoid falling for them, and what to do when you have (or suspect you may have) been defrauded.
2.Risk warnings: This tab reminds visitors of frequently seen scam risks, provides lists of lawful financial services firms, describes the tell-tale signs of illegal firms, and provides information on how to lodge complaints or seek advice.
3.Outreach videos & resources: This tab provides links to anti-fraud outreach videos and websites with special anti-fraud sections.
4.What the FSC has done: This tab informs visitors of measures that the FSC has taken to prevent financial fraud.
The FSC further reminds the public to avoid financial fraud with "five don'ts," which are "Don't accept calls from strangers, don't click on unfamiliar links, don't believe sure-fire investment tips supposedly coming from divine sources, don't fear nonsensical threats, and don't give out your personal information." The FSC welcomes members of the public to make use of the anti-fraud section of the Moneywise website to obtain comprehensive anti-fraud information, develop a proper awareness of fraud, and learn to guard against financial fraud.
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  • Update: 2022-11-16