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NPL ratio for domestic banks as of the end of January 2020

The total outstanding loans extended by the current 36 domestic banks increased by NT$217.1 billion (US$7.18 billion) as compared to the figure of previous month and amounted to NT$29.9 trillion (US$988.43 billion) at the end of January 2020. Meanwhile, the NPLs of these banks totaled at NT$69.5 billion (US$2.30 billion) which increased by NT$5.9 billion (US$195.04 million) from NT$63.6 billion (US$2.10 billion) as of the end of the previous month. The average NPL ratio of the 36 banks increased by 0.02 percentage points and therefore rose to a figure of 0.23% from 0.21% of the previous month, but was down by 0.01 percentage points compared to the same month last year.
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