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2020 School and Community Financial Literacy Campaign

As part of the 2019 School and Community Financial Literacy Campaign, the FSC held 538 financial literacy events over the course of the year at schools and organizations, including Taipei Municipal Jian''an Elementary School, attracting a total attendance of 58,602 participants. The events are free of charge, and have struck a chord with many people since their inception in 2006. As of the end of 2019, a total of 6,319 events had been held and over 1.01 million people had attended. The target participants include students at all levels, communities, women''s groups, indigenous people, immigrants and military service personnel.
The Banking Bureau of the FSC will continue the financial literacy campaign in 2020. Schools or community groups interested in the campaign are invited to register on the website of the Banking Bureau. For more information, please call (02)8968-9709.
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