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2018 online financial literacy quiz contest kicked off

In order to increase financial literacy of society overall, provide teenagers the motivation to voluntarily acquire relevant information, and familiarize them with correct understanding of financial services, the FSC is holding the 2018 online financial literacy contest for students of junior and senior high schools from August 20 to October 12, 2018.
In order to spread financial knowledge about mobile payment and familiarize students with mobile payment through campus events for promotion of mobile payment services and increase of their popularity, the FSC set up a new website ( this year, and the participants of the contest can draw their inspiration from the content of the website to create videos. The online quiz competition presents true/false and multiple choice questions on several aspects, including everyday financial matters and knowledge, regulations, consumption and finance, protection of financial consumer rights and interests, and financial news, based on the content of Money Wise website created by the FSC and the curriculum of junior high and senior high schools. Moreover, the Financial Literacy Promotion Pages created by the FSC on its website have listed links of websites about financial knowledge education and provide related resources for participants.
In addition, in order to decrease the urban-rural gap and encourage junior high school students in remote areas and on offshore islands to actively participate in the contest, a specific quota has specifically reserved for participants from these areas. A participation award and the best team leader award will be presented after the contest ends to encourage students to participate in the event and their teachers to lead the team. All junior and senior high school students interested in the contest are welcome to sign up as a team for the competition. Please visit the website for more information or contact Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, the event organizer, at (02)3365-3555.
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