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Financial Knowledge Promotion Area

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1.Back ground
Building up proper ideas on consumer finance and loans can help and reduce consumer disputes, prevent financial crimes and protect the interests of consumers. It is internationally recognized that financial literacy should not be underestimated. International organizations, such as the United Nations and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, believe that promoting financial literacy and enabling proper use of financial products and services, can further narrow the wealth gap and improve the well-being.
Promoting financial literacy comprehensively is one of the most important policy of the FSC. Since 2006, the FSC has implemented the "financial literacy promoting plan" to construct financial knowledge architecture, reshape financial basic education and integrated related resources. We work for different groups such as women, senior citizens, indigenous people, and new immigrants. Meanwhile, we emphasis on societal concerned issues such as anti-money laundering and financial products for aging society
2. Information of financial literacy promotion activities

The FSC and the financial related organizations hold numbers of financial literacy promotion activities every year. Click the following links for related information :

Website Names

Website Link

The FSC facebook fan page

Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable (TFSR) financial literacy

The FSC school and communities literacy promotion,2&mcustomize=onemessage_view.jsp&dataserno=201106130001&dtable=Action

Taiwan Futures Exchange media

Taipei Exchange (TPEx) latest promotion

Taipei Exchange (TPEx) media

Taipei Exchange (TPEx) facebook fan page

Taiwan Stock Museum

Taiwan Securities and Futures Virtual Museum

Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) financial literacy

Financial Ombudsman Institution(FOI)financial literacy

Taiwan Stock Exchange(TWSE)facebook fan page

Taiwan Depository & Clearing Corporation(TDCC) facebook fan page

Chinese National Futures Association

Securities and Futures Institute (SFI) facebook fan page

Taiwan Insurance Institute (TII) facebook fan page

Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund fan page

Taiwan Residential Earthquake Insurance Fund fan page

Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation Fund  fan page

Compulsory Automobile Liability Insurance fan page

Accounting Research Development Foundation fan page

3. Websites of financial literacy programs:

Click the following links and get online courses, e-books, and financial journals:

Website Names

Website Link

Money Wise

Risk Management and Insurance Education

Financial Examination Bureau  literacy

Financial Dictionary,2

Investor knowledge

Youtube of Securities and Futures Institute (SFI)

Youtube of Accounting Research Development Foundation

Taiwan Finance eUniversity

Taiwan Insurance Institute literacy page

Youtube of Insurance Follow Me

Financial Information Service literacy

Joint Credit Information Center e-magazine

Credit card holders education

Securities Investors and Futures Traders Protection Center

Taiwan Futures Exchange(Taifex) virtual exchange

Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Association (SITCA) retirement planning literacy

Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Association (SITCA) Robo-Advisor

Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Association (SITCA) mutual fund fee education

Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Association (SITCA) market reviews

Central Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) literacy

Anti-stealing Credit card  education

Taipei Exchange literacy

Taipei Exchange e-newspaper

Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Association (SITCA) mutual fund information

Chinese National Futures Association after-hour session

Chinese National Futures Association

Finance Shokudo fan page

TABF fan page

Youtube of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)

Instagram of Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF)

4.AML/CFT information by financial industries associations:

Click the following links and get AML/CFT information :

Website Names

Website links

Bankers Association

Securities Association

Futures Association

Securities investment trust and consulting Association

Life Insurance Association

Non-Life Insurance Association

Insurance Agency Association

Insurance Brokerage Association

5.Promotion updates of first three seasons of 2019:

(I)General literacy Compans : 2,529 promotion activities attended by about 280,000 participants.

(II) Campus activities: 1,126 financial knowledge promotion activities in campus and about 129,000 students participated.

(III) Activities related to communities for public interest: Holding, coordinating or sponsoring non-for-profit groups and academic institutions to hold financial literacy promotion activities. 1,224 activities were held and attended by 70,000 participants.

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