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FinTech Exhibition

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A: What are you up to this weekend? Let's go out together?
A: 今天是周末,一起出門走走吧?
B: Sure. How about a visit to the fintech festival? Are you interested?
B: 我知道這兩天有金融科技展,我們一起去逛逛吧!
A: Really? What's the fintech festival about?
A: 真的啊?金融科技展的主要內容是什麼呢?
B: It's an exhibition that features the latest development in financial technology, "fintech" as it's known We can try out some new tech and see how it impacts our daily lives, including mobile payment, cross-border wire transfer, online lending, and robo-advisers.
B: 那是以金融科技為主軸的展覽,展出許多與我們生活息息相關的金融科技應用,包括行動支付、跨境匯款、網路借貸、機器人理財等,我們都可以親身去互動體驗喔!
A: That sounds great. Let's go check it out and see how fintech is changing our lives!
A: 聽起來真的很有趣呢!我們去瞭解金融科技如何改變我們的生活吧!
B: Okay! see you there!
B: 事不宜遲,現在就出發!
金融科技展 fintech exhibition
行動支付 mobile payment
網路借貸 online lending
機器人理財 robo-adviser
FinTech Exhibition
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