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Gender Equality Promotion Plan & Results Report(2019-2025)

Gender Equality Promotion Plan
1. To actively promote gender equality policy and incorporate gender perspectives into policy implementation, the FSC drew up "Gender Equality Promotion Plan (2022-2025)" based on the "Gender Equality Policy Guidelines” of the Executive Yuan and the demographic and social changes in Taiwan. The Plan aims to provide more opportunities and channels for females in decision-making, building a friendly environment for entrepreneurship and employment, and to take the life care and economic safety for elderly women.
2. Key points:
(1) Promote the gender equality in decision-making in public and private sectors.
(2) Raising women's economic power
(3) Promote the one-third gender rule based on proportionality for private enterprises.
(4) Use FinTech innovation to promote financial education, especially for young and middle-aged women entrepreneurs to increase financial inclusion.
(5) Encourage listed companies and public companies to find out internal gender salary composition, and to disclose and improve gender gap.
(6) Intensify financial support for aging people.
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  • Update: 2024-07-19