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International Talent Training Program of the Financial Supervisory Commission: Study in the University of Adelaide

I really appreciated for all of the encouragement and support coming from my supervisors and colleagues. It is a wonderful opportunity to study on the Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance because of the International Talent Training Program held by the Financial Supervisory Commission.

The University of Adelaide is established in 1874 and located in Adelaide, South Australia. Also, it is consistently ranked in the top 1% of the world’s universities. It is the third-oldest university and a member of the Group of Eight in Australia. The Master of Accounting and Finance offers an intensive path to financial expertise and a professional accounting qualification.

Firstly, it was awesome for me to explore financial and management accounting, auditing, and taxation as well as studying management theory, business law, and economics. Then, I learned how financial managers make investment and financing decisions and understood how financial instruments and capital markets are used to enhance returns and manage risks. Finally, I am able to build critical thinking, communication and leadership skills through the discussion and cooperation of the group assignment and presentation.

In my point of view, being an excellent financial examiner should combine theory with practice, to ensure sound operation of financial institutions and help institutions use their resources to the greatest advantage. I think that this study experience in the University of Adelaide would definitely help me to become a better financial examiner in an increasingly competitive career field.

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