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International Talent Cultivation Program - banking and finance at King’s College London (KCL)

In response to the 2007-2009financial crisis which has exposed huge vulnerabilities in the financial system, the current financial environment has undergone a series of changes in financial regulations recently. Meanwhile, the emergence of financial technology has further changed the way of providing financial services to customers. Regulatory and supervisory authorities should commit themselves to actively assisting in the development of financial innovation and technology on the premise that risk can be well controlled, and to ensuring that the supervisory mechanism keeps pace with the times. In order to acquire those professional knowledge and delve into foreign supervisory frameworks, I am grateful to have the opportunity to major in banking and finance at King’s College London (KCL).
The courses of the program focus on the combination of advanced conceptual understanding and practical skills, probing into the pricing theory of financial products, risk management and the recent financial supervisory reforms in the U.K. By incorporating concepts such as financial theory and mathematics into programming skills, I have learned how to construct financial product pricing models and manage various risks systematically in the financial market. Furthermore, by learning from foreign financial supervisory frameworks and case studies, I gain deeply insights into the process of foreign supervisory reform and evolution. For example, regulatory and supervisory authorities can strengthen the accountability mechanism in order to create a culture of accountability and a strong corporate governance in the financial service industry. Moreover, supervisory authorities can also employ Regtech measures to assist financial institutions in real-time compliance with laws and regulations, with a view to improving the effectiveness of financial supervision.
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  • Update: 2021-09-14