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Financial Inclusion

Promoting financial inclusion has long been one of the FSC’s most important policy objectives. The FSC continues working actively in the following 3 dimension and strive to bring its practices in line with global trends. We have one of the more inclusive financial systems and are pleased to share our experiences in order to ensure sound and sustainable development of the international financial system.
1.Access to Financial Services
A.Encouraging financial institutions to establish presence in underserved areas.
From 2007 to June 2020, the FSC has approved the setting up of 46 branches of domestic banks and credit cooperatives in underserved areas, including 31 domestic bank branches and 15 credit cooperative branches.
B. Helping industries obtain capital
As of the end of April 2020, loans extended to SMEs by domestic banks accounted for 62.73% and 65.17% of total loans extended to all enterprises and private enterprises, respectively. This indicates that banks are giving much more attention to SMEs in the lending market.
C. Promoting micro-insurance
As of the end of July 2018, the accumulated numbers of individuals covered by micro-insurance reached 627,000 and the total insured amount was more than US$6.5 billion. The social safety net has thus been strengthened.
2.Usage of Financial Services
A. The FSC urges financial industries in Taiwan to provide people with disabilities with appropriate friendly services based on their individual demands.
B. Creating digital financial environment
C. Developing electronic payment and mobile payment
3.Quality of Financial Services
A. The FSC set up the MoneyWise website (URL: as part of its Financial Literacy Campaign in 2009. As of the end of August 2019, the website has attracted more than 10.23 million visits.
B. Promoting financial consumer protection
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