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Promoting clean government requires your support and assistance. Please let us know if you have the following information.

Undertaking engineering and procurement bidding operations involve binding or surrounding bidding.

The engineering and procurement cases have unacceptable acceptance, or there are illegal quotations, etc.

Civil servants ask for bribes when performing their duties, or give them to illegal asylum seekers after receiving bribes.

Civil servants use relative status or collude with specific objects to engage in private fraud to obtain improper benefits.

Civil servants take advantage of opportunities in their powers to swindle property.

Civil servants take advantage of opportunities to accept gifts and entertainment from business people.

Civil servants use public facilities and resources to plot private interests.

Forgery, alteration of documents or official documents printed in order to obtain private benefits, or to the detriment of others.

The public service system or operation process are prone to disadvantages, and you have suggestions for reform.

Anti-corruption and anti-corruption consulting business.

Anti-corruption Hotline :+886-0800-088-789 Anti-corruption 、FAX: +886-89691066 、 Anti-corruption BOX: P.O. BOX 30-44 Banqiao New Taipei City 22099 Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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