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New Southbound Policy

In support of the New Southbound Policy, the FSC is actively implementing concrete financial assistance measures to provide diverse funding channels. With the financial sector’s support, enterprises can expand their business in the target countries of the new southbound policy, creating a win-win situation.
  • Measures to help enterprises access financial resources and services needed for expanding their business in the target countries of the New Southbound policy, including:
    (1) The Export and Import Bank of the R.O.C. (“Eximbank”) has increased the total amount of approved loans, credit guarantee and insurance (CH). Also, banks are encouraged to participate in Eximbank’s Systems, Package Plant and Engineering Industry Export Syndicated Loan Platform(CH).
    (2) The FSC encourages domestic banks(CH) to extend credit to domestic businesses or Taiwanese businesses based in these countries.
    (3) Guidance (CH) is provided to domestic enterprises and overseas Taiwan-owned businesses to help them use the domestic capital market to raise funds.
  • The FSC assists domestic banks and strengthen their ability to expand their presence(CH) in the target countries of the New Southbound policy by continuously enhancing cross-border supervisory cooperation with foreign competent authorities, effectively utilizing financial sector’s overseas databases, relaxing rule and regulations, and fostering talent in international finance to allow services to be provided to Taiwanese businesses in these countries close-up.
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