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NPL Ratio for Domestic Banks as of the End of January 2020

The Financial Supervisory Commission (the FSC) has released that total outstanding loans extended by the current 36 domestic banks increased by NT$217.1billion (US$7.18billion) as compared to the figure of previous month and amounted to NT$29.90 trillion (US$988.43billion) at the end of January 2020. Meanwhile, the NPLs of these banks totaled at NT$69.5billion (US$2.30billion) which increased by NT$5.9billion (US$195.04 million) from NT$63.6billion (US$2.10 billion) as of the end of the previous month.
 The average NPL ratio of the 36 banks increased by 0.02 percentage points and therefore rose to a figure of 0.23% from 0.21% of the previous month, but was down by 0.01 percentage points compared to the same month last year. The coverage ratio of allowances for NPLs stood at 596.73%. While the ratio decreased by 55.05 percentage points from 651.78% of the previous month, it still remained stable at a higher level.
 The asset quality of domestic banks continuously remained manageable according to the above figures as of the end of January 2020. The FSC will request banks to undertake measures to improve asset quality and financial structure on an ongoing basis.
 Note: US$≒NT$ 30.250
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