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Public fundraising in 2020 has increased compared with last year.

The public fundraising activities in 2020 were as follows:
There are 360 domestic and 7 overseas public fundraising cases in 2020, amounting to 367 cases and increasing from 280 cases in 2019. The total amount of public fundraising in 2020 was NT$1,015.621 billion, increasing by 77.01% from NT$573.767 billion in the last year.
Among them, the domestic fundraising amounted to NT$936.271billion (accounting for around 92.19% of total public fundraising) and the overseas fundraising amounted to NT$79.350 billion (accounting for around 7.81% of total public fundraising), respectively, which indicates that the public companies still relies on domestic fundraising.
The increase in public fundraising is due to the need for enterprises to expand their operations and production scale. There were more large-scale fundraising cases in 2020.
The total amount of private placements was NT$58.802 billion (accounting for around 5.47% of the total amount of public and private placements), decreasing by 65.22% from NT$169.073 billion in the last year.
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