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FSC encourages bills finance firms to introduce concept of ESG in their business operations

Bills finance companies are financial market participants that serve the function of allocating credit resources, so they should introduce environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concept in their business operations. The FSC on 7 July 2021 issued a letter to the R.O.C. Bills Finance Association and requested the Association to amend the "Credit Assessment Guidelines for Members of the R.O.C. Bills Finance Association" and the "Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for Bills Finance Companies". Bills finance company conducting lending or investment business need to consider the corporate governance performance of its client and the invested company, and whether its client or investee properly protects the environment and fulfills its corporate social responsibilities. The FSC hopes to spur bills finance companies to use the power of financial markets to: (a) guide and support the development of real industry and take environmental protection into account; (b) create a sustainable finance ecosystem with positive cycles; and (c) create benefits for the financial industry, the real economy, society, and the environment.
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  • Update: 2021-09-07