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FSC develops the “Financial Inclusion Indicators for Taiwan”

The FSC has actively promoted financial inclusion in recent years. In its planning and implementation of policies, and in the direction of its efforts to guide the development of financial markets, the FSC has aligned itself with the financial inclusion policies of international organizations such as the World Bank, the G20, the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), etc. The FSC, making reference to the “G20 Financial Inclusion Indicators”, and with an eye to the state of financial market development in Taiwan, has developed a set of “Financial Inclusion Indicators for Taiwan” which focus on 3 key aspects -- accessibility, usability, and quality of financial services -- in evaluating the level of financial inclusion in Taiwan and the effectiveness of policy implementation. A list of 21 indicators has been adopted for now, and adjustments may be made in the future as circumstances merit:
1. Accessibility of financial services: 7 indicators have been adopted to afford an understanding of the convenience and user-friendliness of financial services for financial consumers (including consumers in remote areas, and persons with special needs).
2. Usability of financial services: 8 indicators focus on how much the adult population makes use of banking services (including deposit and loan services), digital financial services (mobile payments, digital deposits, and online purchase of insurance), and insurance products (life insurance and micro-insurance).
3. Quality of financial services: 6 indicators are designed to afford an understanding of whether financial literacy extends throughout the entire country and to all types of consumers, whether technology has further improved the quality of financial services, the degree to which customers are fairly treated, and the quality of dispute resolution mechanisms.
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