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Revising financial examination manuals


According to amendment of financial regulations and examination practice requirements, the FEB has revised financial examination manuals for the first half of 2021 (base date: June 30, 2021).

The FEB has compiled financial examination manuals for thirteen industries. Except that specialized credit card business institutions and insurance agent companies and insurance broker companies examination manuals are revised annually, the remaining industries such as financial holding companies examination manuals are revised semiannually since 2020. These manuals are divided into two categories: "Complete version" and "Revised version". "Complete version" shows the full contents of financial examination manuals for the semiannually (or annually). "Revised version" shows updated information semiannually (or annually). Please refer to the "Financial Examination Manuals" section under the Examination Info.

According to Article 58 of "The Act Governing Electronic Payment Institutions", electronic stored value cards issuers that have been approved by the competent authority before the promulgation of the amendments to the Act on December 25, 2020 shall be deemed to have been approved to operate electronic payment business. For the electronic stored value cards issuers, please refer to the electronic payment institutions examination manual.

In addition, the FEB has compiled AML/CFT compliance examination manuals for insurance companies, banking sector and securities firms. Please refer to the "AML/CFT Compliance Examination Manual" section in the "AML/CFT" under the Examination Info.

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  • Update: 2021-09-06