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FSC holds a symposium on gender equality to promote sustainable finance

In order to raise consciousness regarding sustainable finance and gender equality, and to improve financial services firms' performance in the area of gender equality and related matters, the FSC on 21 December 2021 invited the Executive Yuan's Department of Gender Equality and senior executives from 16 financial holding companies to share their thoughts on gender equality and how they seek to ensure it. In remarks at the conference, FSC Chairperson Huang praised financial holding companies for their long-term support for gender-friendly workplaces, and he also expressed hope that financial holding companies will continue to pay attention to gender equality concerns while they work to promote sustainable development. Chairperson Huang also called on financial holding companies to raise the percentage of female board members and executive officers as a means of increasing women's participation in decision making processes, thereby acting on the "S" aspect (social concerns) in ESG.
The FSC will continue encouraging financial institutions to promote gender-friendly workplaces, build a culture of gender equality, work together to achieve a gender-equal goal of financial sustainability, and to fulfill their social responsibilities and reap the benefits of synergy through diversity and inclusion, thereby carrying out core values in each aspect of ESG.
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  • Update: 2022-02-14