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2022 Conference on ERM in the Insurance Industry held on 4 November

The 2022 Conference on ERM in the Insurance Industry was hosted by the Taiwan Insurance Guaranty Fund on 4 November 2022 at Hotel Caesar Metro Taipei. This conference series was launched by the FSC in 2011, and this year's event marks the 11th year of the event, which has become an important platform for Taiwan's insurers to engage in experience sharing with commissioners of insurance, experts, and other insurers around the world to discuss the latest supervisory systems and matters of shared concern.
With an eye to the policy of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, this year's conference follows up on the 2021 theme of "How Climate Change Shapes Insurers – Risks, Resilience, and Opportunities" by addressing the theme of "Climate Change and Green Finance : Actions and Responses." The conference, which last year sought to understand climate change risks, has this year progressed to looking into the question of how to deal with it, discussing actual experience with the promotion of green finance, providing information on international practices for the reference of domestic insurers, increasing the degree of participation of Taiwanese insurers, and incorporating related experience into risk management. The purpose of these actions is to strengthen financial resilience, promote responsible investing, and pursue net zero carbon reduction.
In order to help insurers better understand international supervisory trends and to pursue the policy goal of strengthening risk management while implementing anti-COVID policies, the officials from insurance supervisory authorities (both international and national bodies) are invited to speak via either videoconference or pre-recorded video about the development of supervisory systems overseas. Besides, experts and insurance professionals from Taiwan are invited to share the results of research. The FSC hopes to take advantage of the discussions and experience sharing that take place at this conference to encourage insurers to take timely action to address climate change and green finance issues, and to establish appropriate climate change risk management mechanisms.
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