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Administrative Fine Imposed on the Responsible Person of ShengHua Entertainment Communication co.,Ltd. (Listed Company4806)

1. Date the fine was imposed:October 15 2021

2. Recipient of the fine: ShengHua Entertainment Communication co.,Ltd.

3. Legal basis of the fine: Article 36-1, Article 9(1) of the Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds Making of Endorsements/Guarantees by Public Companies

4. Facts of the violation and reasons: It was found that ShengHua Entertainment Communication co.,Ltd. loaned for Comedian Productions, LLC have been overdue loan period of business dealings, not fully recovered, therefore, the company is in violation of Article 9(1) of the Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds for Making Endorsements/Guarantees by Public Companies.

5. Resulting fine: Sentenced to the fine, NT$240,000, in accordance with Article 36-1, Paragraph 1(11) of Article 178 and Paragraph 1 of Article 179 of the Securities and Exchange Act.
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  • Update: 2021-10-18